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Australian Made Rubber



Solar Pool Heating

HYDROMATT Solar is a superior and perfectly tailored solar pool heating system which is custom fitted to your roof so as to be aesthetically appealing and unobtrusive and almost undetectable.

By pumping your pool water through HYDROMATT Solar collector fixed to your roof and back to your pool, the solar collected by the absorber is transferred to the water during its journey, and when pumped back to your pool, takes the heat with it, which warms your pool water temperature by up to 10 degrees.

HYDROMATT is 100% Australian Made and Owned

We, the Directors of AMR, have been manufacturing our solar matting since 1978 and sell to swimming pool companies and solar installers throughout Australia and New Zealand, so we are able to offer to you an excellent product at a very low cost, as our D.I.Y. kits are sold directly from our factory to you. If you prefer a fully installed solar system, we can have a qualified HYDROMATT solar installer contact you to arrange for a quote - we still sell the actual kit directly to you - the installer will just quote for the installation.

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